How many days until Valentine’s Day 2018?

Share your pangs of love for let us publish them…

How Many Days Until Valentine’s Day 2018?

How many days till valentine’s day: 02.14.2018, Wednesday

I Don’t Want Your Life

Everybody experienced pangs of love in his life. Right here, we are for this issue. Share your pangs of love with us. Just like the name of our website, “I Don’t Want Your Life“. Share the lives, loves and pangs of love you don’t want in the form of comment and let us publish them. Please keep in mind that we will only share the most beautiful and special shares.

How is Pangs of Love and How to Cure It?

When the love of your life abandons you, you will feel mad. However, this is something different than being mad literally. In fact, the thing that you feel is a feeling which is contrary to the nervous system of the brain and your brain will not get used to it for a while. You will start to experience the love starting from the end to beginning. The science neurologically explains what happens in your brain when you are abandoned…

It doesn’t matter how long your relationship took. The brain reacts in the same manner no matter the period. Everything remind you her or him in the first days: A photograph, places you went together, automatic thoughts during the day… The neurons in your brain are triggered and you see him or her in everything. The same part of your brain also triggered in drug and nicotine addiction. In short, leaving the person you love is same as quitting cigars.

The effect of your romantic relationships in your soul and brain does not disappear quickly but slowly. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will never be able to forget him/her and never feel this pain again. (Sadly) you will continue to remember him/her in your life from time to time. However, the feeling of “I can’t stand” which starts from when you broke up will reduce in time and you will see that you handle the situations well. The brain still wants to heal in a romantic manner however as your brain cannot find answers to its anticipations, the feeling you feel will be a feeling which drug addicts feel. It will reduce however it will never disappear completely.


The first step to continue your way is to deal with your feelings. The source of the power is to telling “I’m unhappy” rather than acting like you are happy; maintaining the meaning of life (subjective) despite the things you lost and you feel. Accepting the pain, not resisting it; letting our heart to do whatever it wants has a great importance in this period. Because resisting your own feelings is same as resisting to reality. Trying to run away from pain is trying to run away from the break-up. The popular culture tells “time is the cure for everything” and offers a solution for our wounds. Sadly, this expression misinterpreted by many people and as a result, people have the misconception that the pain will heal coincidentally in time and in a miraculous way. However, healing is a conscious effort. It doesn’t happen on its own, without thinking it, without wanting it or accidentally. Not time but what we will do during this time is the thing which will heal us. This is why accepting it is emphasized a lot for this period. Our healing will begin when we stop running away from it and accept the sorrow. Because accepting it is the prior condition to move on, by leaving the self-pity. Acceptance is evaluating what life offers us; because if we allow them, the things we lost can provide us the power in the same amount that we have from the things we earn.


Another trend which increases the amount of our pain is the effort to control the two time period which are not under the control of ourselves; past and future. You should not stuck in the past and leave the future alone; because we have no power on both of them. There is only one life which is real and you can’t compensate which is the current moment. The regrets about your past, expectations for the future steal the most valuable time, i.e, now from us. In this case, the importance of living the moment and not afraid of it comes to the agenda. If you have pain right now, live it fully and without afraiding from it. The purpose in this is telling “I’m in pain right not, right in this second and I have to accept it” rather than “I will be never same again”, “I will never want someone again as much as I did for him/her”; just focus on now and do not involve the past or future to your pain. Because we get closer to the things that we are afraid of. Because we create our nightmares with our own thoughts and after a while no matter what we will encounter, we will turn them to the things we’re afraid of with our thoughts.

Another method is preferring someone else. It’s quite easy! You will love someone else. This is the only way to forget someone. Pangs of love is something like the death of the people you love; it is the lost of a person. How can we solve it? You should have someone else or something else in his/her room.

How Many Days until Valentine’s Day?

When is Valentine’s Day: 02.14.2018, Wednesday
You can follow how much left for Valentine’s Day with this countdown.

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